• Resolution is the bottom line.

My approach to mediation is to work tirelessly and do everything possible to resolve the dispute. I am passionate about bringing closure to conflicts through effective communication between parties. All litigated civil cases can be settled through mediation. Even the disputes that have not reached the courts can be successfully mediated and settled. The confidentiality in mediation allows parties to reach settlements that are much more creative than courts.

Mediation Saves Money, Time, and Emotional Costs

French Philosopher, Voltaire said, “I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit, and once when I won one.” And as a litigator, I know how true that is.  The costs in dollars, resources, emotional stresses, and lost opportunities that result from litigating cases can take a heavy toll on all parties.  Through the mediation process, the parties can not only avoid these costs but also have the means to resolve the deeper conflicts and reach agreements and settlements that can create true lasting peace.

To schedule a mediation, please contact my assistant, Demi Bithas, at 801-269-9541 or you can reach me directly on my cell at 801-577-1988.